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Ready to take your online boutique to the next level?

Get live 1-on-1 help (via Zoom) with setting up your Instagram & Facebook shop with in-app checkout*.

Skip the guesswork and complications of setting up your shop yourself and get live 1-on-1 help from Opulux designs' Creative Services! No current website subscription required! If you've seen my shop on my IG page (viewable in-app ONLY!) then you've probably wondered how I got it to where you don't have to leave the app to complete a purchase! After that you probably tried to figure it out yourself and got frustrated at the complicated process due to all the different steps and measures that have to be taken in order to achieve your goal. Hire me by the hour to get your shop started so you can reach new levels of potential of turning your followers into to your customer base. No additional shop membership or websites required! Stop paying heafty monthly fees to have your items hosted for sale on expensive shopping platforms that charge you even more money to add checkout to IG & Facebook.

Now through June 2021, Instagram/Facebook is waiving their 5% seller fee's to help you grow financially!


Now is the time to invest in yourself and turn your leisure down time into paid social time by adding your shop to your Instagram and Facebook. Make your news feed post and stores shoppable with just a click or swipe up! Once the customer places their order, you'll be able to purchase a printable pre-paid shipping label and ship from home! Once packaged, place the order in your mailbox or schedule a pickup for stress-free shipping process. No more running to the post office!

Results Will Vary

Depending on your current Instagram and Facebook account status, additional sessions may be required. Not all Instagram accounts get approved for in-app checkout.

*In-app checkout abilities are not guaranteed. This checkout feature is approved by Facebook and depends on your accounts health and status.