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  • Can I book Opulux Designs Photography hourly?
    No. Opulux Designs photographt services only offers daily rates (starting at $500). We do this so that any changes in location or lateness doesnt effect the shooting time. Sometimes the client may run into traffic, get lost or is just plain running late. These unexpected issues would surely cut down on the time left for shooting content and could put a strain on the photoshoot causing everyone to now rush. Opulux Designs elimates those pressures with daily rates so room for unexpected changes is allowed. Our time wont be compromised and neither will yours because our day is focused on you.
  • "How soon will I get my retouched images?""
    Your retouched images could be ready in as soon as a few hours from the end of our shoot. But perfection takes time and may need up to 3 business days before you receive your first edit. A post production video can be expected within 5-7 business days. *Please Note: turnaround times are dependant on Opuluxs' time schedule. Some projects may take a longer than others (i.e wedding albums) to produce and will require some patience and confidence knowing that when you do receive your images, you'll be happy. Expedited image turnaround times can be purchased for an additional fee in Bookings.
  • "Do you offer a Payment Plan?""
    An Opulux Designs Payment Plan is available to clients who first pay their required initial deposit for the shoot of their choice. Additional payments toward the balance can be made via CashApp to $OpuluxDesigns. Payment plans must be completed before the scheduled shoot date.
  • "Does Opulux provide videography services?""
    Videography services are offered in certain shoot bundle packages. Opulux Designs video services are offered in 4K resolution or HD 1080p. Opulux does not offer videography as a solo (à la carte) service.
  • "What happens if it rains on my outdoor photoshoot day? "
    Weather happens! If unfavorable weather occurs on the day of our scheduled shoot, we for sure can reschedule for another day. If the weather is expected to pass in a reasonable amount of time (the same day), then our session will be postponed until the weather clears and can resume as normal (the same day). In the near future, Opulux Designs will be operating out of a professional studio space, so more options will become available.
  • "Where is Opulux Designs located?""
    Opulux is based out of Tampa, FL but travels frequently between Philadeliphia and Salisbury, MD areas. Opulux is not opposed to traveling outside of those areas for clients. Please be advised, there will be a travel fee if the location is outside of a 25mi radius of the mentioned cities.
  • "Can I bring my own camera or can someone I bring with me bring their camera to take photos while we are shooting?""
    Your personal camera phone is allowed but not needed. Bringing another person with an actual camera to shoot on top of what Opulux is shooting is not only distracting but its infringing on Opuluxs' work as a professional. So please, dont bring a camera.
  • "What should I wear?""
    Each of my sessions allows for a certain number of wardrobe changes; the reason for this is that it allows me to structure the session based on what you’ve chosen to wear. If your package includes wardrobe thats provided by Opulux, then half the battle is over. If you want more variety, we suggest bringing your favorite outfits that cordinates with our wardrobe style. More funky/colorful clothing is perferred. We always suggest that you choose at least 2 MORE options than what your session calls for so we can help you narrow it down. Some things photograph better than others…. As a rule, I recommend to stay away from too much white, especially on top, as well as black. Tops that are very loose fitting also don’t photograph as well and too may opposing prints/patterns can get distracting. If your session includes a one-on-one consultation, then dont worry, we will cover all of these things in personalized detail. Also, remember to make sure your nails look nice – they’ll show up in the photos.
  • "Will my photos be delivered in hi-res for magazine submissions and printing?""
    Your paid shoot will include the specified number of final images that will be delivered in high resolution for submissions and printing.
  • "Do you touch up all the images in our image download?""
    For event photography, yes we do. Every image we deliver is post produced with our unique signature style of post-production. This involves color correction, exposure adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, tone-mapping, and other corrections. Many photographers will not post produce any images, or will only post produce “select” images from your event. This means that you may have pictures that are too dark, have strange skin tones or other common photography flaws. Opulux Designs sends you fully completed work.
  • "How long does a photoshoot normally take?""
    Depending on how many people there are and what type of shoot it is, a session can take anywhere from 1– 3 hours. Here at Opulux Designs Photography we value quality over quantity and prefer to take our time to get the right shots, rather than rushing through the allotted time just to get a certain number of photos out. For this reason we recommend that you budget and allow for an additional hour, over and above your booked time, and always warn us about any hard stop times that you might have. Though we have some cushion for traffic mishaps and such, we still try to respect each others time by keeping everyone informed of unexpected time changes.
  • "What is your refund policy? Can I cancel/ reschedule?""
    Life happens! We understand, however, we need at least a 12 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your session. Any money paid towards the shoot up to that point is NOT refundable but can be applied in full towards your next shoot. When we take your booking, we block out that date, turn other clients away, buy specific props, sout out shooting locations, prep the boat (if applicable) and so on. If we are given less than a 12 hour notice or fail to arrive to your appointment, then you will unfortunately forfeit your deposit and will not be able to use the deposit to reschedule your shoot with Opulux. Due to the customized nature of photography, the session fee and anything you purchase in addition to it (any add-ons) are non-refundable. We are committed to working with you and ensure that we will always be professional and on time.
  • "How many images will I get?""
    You will receive the number of images that were allotted in the package you purchased. Any additional images desired outside of what is offered will incur an additional service fee starting at $35 an edit. If more than one additional image is desired then special pricing kicks in. Please contact us for a custom quote.
  • "Who has copyright to the images?""
    Opulux Designs Photography retains the copyright to all images. However, you will be granted a license to reproduce the images for your personal use or to give to family and friends. You will not be permitted to enter the un-watermarked pictures into any competitions, sell them onto third parties, such as stock libraries or use them for commercial gain. If you wish to purchase commercial right to an image, it can be done here.
  • "Do I have to sign a photo release form? Why?""
    Yes. A Photo Copyright Release Form serves as a proof that the permission has been granted to you or your business to use the photo and the picture property that belongs to another. The Photo Copyright Release Form is an agreement in written form between the two parties. The first party is the photographer and the other one is the person who is being photographed. In case of a child, the other party will inevitably be the guardian or the parents of the child. In case what is being photographed is an object or a property, then the other party will be the owner of the said property. The form declares and both parties can ensure it by first reviewing the Photo Release Form that the right of publishing and sharing the pictures has been granted by the photographed person.
  • "Are you doing my makeup?""
    If your package includes "light makeup", this means that finishing touches are done by with the makeup that YOU bring (shadow, lashes, eyeliner, blush etc.). We suggest that you apply your own foundation coverage to give your skin a smooth and even colour. Photoshop can do the rest if needed ;) Packages that include the MUA will have everything needed for your makeup styling. Still... bringing your own foundation might be useful.
  • "Do I bring my own clothes?""
    While we do have a selection of props and accessories, we do recommend that you personalize your session and bring your own clothing and special items as well, even if wardrobe is included in your session. We will do a few different set up’s for you and we suggest you try to make each look as diverse as possible. You may also want to consider props such as musical instruments, hats and sporting gear. We recommend you pack a bag full of anything you think is a remote possibility and we will work with you on the day to discuss options. We LOVE to be creative and welcome your ideas and suggestions. We would suggest that you bring at least 3 complete outfits that you would feel great in!
  • “Can I Get All The Original RAW Photos From The Shoot?”
    "Asking a photographer to hand over a memory card, USB, or DVD of raw iamges is akin to asking an author to present you with their book in manuscript format: unedited, unformatted, and including theparagraphs and chapters that didnt make it." -Daniela Bowker All images are not included in packages but can be purchsed for an additional fee at the photogrpaher discretion.
  • Are there any discounts available?
    The prices mentioned on our website are AS IS. NO addional discounts or codes are available for our custom services. If any sales or discounts were to become avaiblae, it would be announced via an Opulux Designs email newsletter or hidden in a blog post for loyal readers. Subtracting service features or locations from shoot packages will not make the price lower. Photoshoot package prices are set no matter how many features you may not use. We offer the best services. Its up to you to use them fuly. Any specially discounted rates are to be paid via Cashapp ($OpuluxDesigns) or the DEPOSIT payment form on our website.
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