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Modern inspired geode resin art is perfect if you're looking for an original piece of luxury art designed specifically for your home. I will work with you on sizing and colors to help bring your vision to life. For optimum results, I require a photo of the area the art is to be displayed so that I may have a clear vision on the space you're trying to fill.  My commissions canvases start at around $400 US + shipping. My commission succulent planters start at $100.


  • After you place your commission order, we will email and partake in a scheduled Zoom call about the sizing, price of the art and the amount for shipping.

  • We will also discuss colors and which pieces of my art caught your eye. Once I have this information, I will have two sketches drawn up that you will get to choose from. In the sketches, the layout of the texture spots will be different. I want you to choose the one you feel more drawn to.  

  • I use natural crystals for healing properties.  I currently have 2 types of crystals and can get others upon request - crystal quartz and amethyst   (additional cost).

  • The prices displayed for commission bookings do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs are dependant on the canvas weight  upon completion. - A 5ft by 3ft will weight roughly 35 lbs -

  • I'm usually booked up 2 months in advance as I only take a handful of commissions a month.

  • I will update you with a video of the art, I want to make sure you are happy with the way it's coming together.  This will be towards the end of the art comes together in layers.

  • I send you a video of the art once its finished and you will send the final payment.  The art is heavy, and it will need to be professionally hung. 

  • The art is professionally packaged and shipped to you.


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Opulux Designs' artist; Isyss is a Philadelphia born, Tampa area based artist who works with resin to create modern inspired geode art. Her signature geode pieces are bright, boldly colored and religiously finished with gold, giving each piece a luxuriously rich look. The art demands attention with eye catching textures of glass that shimmers royally as you walk by. The art is made on gallery birch panels with raw wood edges, capturing natures beauty and the high shine of resin. Real quartz crystal points are inserted into her art for the healing qualities making her art have a higher purpose. Her objective is to capture the beauty of nature with art, making captivating pieces that grabs the attention of anyone near.  

ARTIST Statement:

There's something about owning something beautiful that no one else in the world will have. This is a luxury that the world most elite get to partake in. With your custom piece, you will have a luxurious selection of art that's vividly stunning with both day and night time glimmer properties.  


I’m drawn to the reflective gold, the sparkle and the mirror glass finish. The night time catches the sparkle of the glitter when you walk by dancing off the lights, during the day the  reflective gold shines with the natural light, the art has two different feels to it.  My goal is for it to draw attention, get you close to feel the energy of the art. 

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