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About The Artist

Finding Inspiration in Art Form

Well Hello! Im Isyss and this is my creative brand, Opulux Designs. I'm an Army Veteran and serial entrepreneur with a serious passion for creating.  I enjoy photography, art,  technology and creating within each of those mediums. For work, I'm a full-time UX/UI Designer which focuses on all aspects of a product's development, including design, usability, function, and even branding and marketing. For fun, I freelance my skills to individuals and small businesses in my spare time. I enjoy spending my days making various kinds of art and spending time with my extremely intelligent Pomeranian, Xion who is an "only-child".

The Story Behind Opulux Designs

Opulux Designs began as a photography business that later expanded into a physical artwork and creative-content design platform. The first 2 years Opulux Designs' existence was dedicated to capturing the best angles of models and online influencers for private websites and promotional campaign projects. Our photography then found more purpose when we began to create websites and social media persona-pages that matched the aesthetics of the clients images, thus gaining knowledge in branding.  

Opulux Designs' creativity didn't peak at photography and webspace design. The passion for the fine details and vivid  colors leaked into the newfound passion of mixed-media art where we began to create DIY artwork to display around the home.  The pieces that were created, quickly  became noticeable to friends and family, with requests for commissioned pieces, thus another branch of Opulux Designs was born. Overall, Opulux Designs overall has become the powerhouse of my all creative passions.

See Some Of My Work

Opulux Clients

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