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TFP (Time For Pics)

Available Shoots

This is your chance to shoot with Opulux Designs FREE OF CHARGE. It's a great opportunity to receive professional images and video clips to use on your personal accounts in exchange for your time. The following positions ONLY apply to TAMPA residents and those will to travel to the area.

Sunset and Palm Trees

Concept #1

Beach Scene

  • Bathing suit/Bikini

  • Risque

  • Revealing bathing suit

White Bed Linens

Concept #2

Bedroom Scene

  • Semi nude

  • revealing positions

  • Only fans concept

White Bed Linens
Luscious Palm Leaves

Concept #3

Angelic Palm

  • Artistic/Semi nude

  • Garden of Eden vibes

  • Only fans concept/ Private Gift for Significant Other

Concept #4

Playful Bubbles Scene

  • Exaggerated Accessories

  • Fully Clothed/ Bikini/90's style

  • Color Block/ Bold

  • Outdoors/ Party Cloudy

  • Social Media worthy


Concept #5

Feminine E-Commerce Merchandise Modeling


  • Upscale Jewelry Modeling

  • Indoors/Car/Beach/Random Locations

  • Manicured Nails

  • Hair Neat/Edges Laid

  • Neutral/Light Colors

Concept #6

Masculine E-Commerce Merchandise Modeling

  • Upscale Jewelry Modeling

  • Indoors/Car/Beach/Random Locations

  • Clean Nails

  • Hair Neat/Fresh Cut

  • Neutral/Dark Colors

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