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Introducing Opulux Designs' stunning geode concrete propagation planter - the perfect addition to any plant lover's home. This propagation planter was hand poured with unique cracked features, ensuring that no two planters are alike. Featuring unique details and gorgeous golden accents, these propagation planters are a must-have for any bougie plant parent. This planter features genuine quartz crystals, adding a touch of natural beauty to your indoor garden. Available for immediate shipment, this one-of-a-kind propagation planter will elevate any space. Bring the beauty of nature into your home with a piece of Opulux Designs' geode concrete propagation planter collection.



(1) Geode Planter

(1) Propagation Tube

Geode Propagation Planter (Echo)

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    • Always use an appropriate candle holder or tray and place candle on an even surface safe from shocks that could tip the candle over
    • Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" and be sure to burn the candle for at least 4 hours when lighting for the first time for an even wax melt
    • Keep candle out of reach from children and pets
    • Keep candle away from drafts that could cause the candle to flicker and smoke and to avoid possible spills
    • Never burn candle near flammable objects like towels, curtains, and plants
    • Use a long, heat resistant tool to dip the wick in wax to extinguish the flame rather than blowing the candle out to avoid wax spills
    • Never leave the candle burning unattended!
  • 6.53'' × 5.04''× 1.53''

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