Frequently asked questions


"What happens after I reserve a time slot for a custom piece of art?"

Once you've booked your time slot, youll be sent a conformation to your email with a scheduled zoom-call link. During the Zoom call, we will go over all your requests, such as colors, gemstone type, etc. Once we have everything we need to begin your project, we will continue to update you with progresss pics and videos so that you'll have access to the creative journey.

"Where can I find art thats available and ready-to-ship?"

Ready-To-Ship wall and table art is available here on the site, in the "His home" catagory and in the 1 of 1's section. You can only purchase custom orders and Florida pick-up-only art from

"How long does it take to complete a custom art piece after an order is placed?"

Custom artwork can take anywhere from 2 weeks for smaller pieces to complete. Large artwork can take up to 1 month. These estimated times are based on a worse case senario. You'll be updated during the time your piece is being worked on until it's ready for shipment.

"I ordered a custom art piece, but its not what I expected. Can I return it?"

Custom artwork is just that... custom. Custom art pieces are created with all your request implemented so that it will fit your personal space. Before we even begin your piece, a live 1-on-1 Zoom call will take place so we can gather your style requests for the custom piece. During the physical creation process, you will be constantly updated via email with pictures and videos of the arts progress. It is only during this time can you request changes to be made. After the piece is completed and approved by you, we will ship the item. No returns will be accepted for any artwork safely delivered to the buyers address. However, refunds will be honored if your art is delivered damaged.

My Opulux Designs art work arrived damaged, what next?

For artworks that arrived damaged please send various images of the damage so we may see what went wrong with the order. Please contact us by replying to your Opulux Designs shipment confirmation email with attached images.


Whats should you bring to your photoshoot?

Have no worries! Upon receipt of your deposit, an email will be forwarded to you with tips and instructions leading up to your photoshoot date.

"Can I bring my child to my photoshoot?"

For saftey purposes, children under 16yrs of age are not allowed to accompany you during this photoshoot session. Adults are welcome, as they can assist during your shoot as needed and wont be a distraction from the task at hand!

"Is lunch included in the photoshoot package?"

Lunch is NOT included in the booking fee. The lunch tab is solely the responsibility of the client. Transportation to and from the waterfront restaraunt is included in the Opulux Experience booking fee.

Do I have to shoot in a bikini?"

No! You can wear whatever you feel more comfortable in. But keep in mind, there are no provided alternatives to the styled swimwear provided by Opulence for your session.

"Can I pre-pay for more than one session and use them later?"

Yes. Book your session as normal, and email us requesting a hold on the service.

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