Tips For Creating A Badass Instagram Account

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Instagram isn't hard to figure out. For most, creating the perfect Instagram profile is just a matter of posting pictures and/or quotes that you're personally drawn to. For others, there's a science to "the Gram". And as of lately, there's a science to who gets to see what you post as well. My personal favorite tips and secrets for creating a visually appealing and active account are generously provided here.

Beef Up Your Profile Information

  • Provide info as to who you are: Highlight the important stuff

  • Link you Facebook Business page to your Instagram account:

  • Add your email address: If you plan on doing business through your Instagram, them having a contact email is very important

  • Add your website link. Personal URL's work best. Check out this tip on how to add many sub-links to just one official link in your profile!

Customize Your Instagram Feed

For a stunning visual to your overall page, choose a pattern for your posts. I personally use the checkerboard pattern for my Sincerely Isyss account. Every other post on my profile is a photo or video of me. The posts in between those are images from my dining experiences, trips, and stunning random moments I was able to capture on camera. View my personal Instagram here. On Opulux Designs business page, we went with the row pattern (3 like-images in a row). View Opulux Designs Instagram here. To help with the visual design of my posts, I use an app called "Preview'. It allows you to pre-load your posts and re-arrange them until it looks right. The app also has features that'll allow you to add filters, text, captions, hashtags and even upload directly from the app.

Invest In The Quality & Uniqueness of Your Posts

Everyone has a different style when it comes to how they'd like their images to look. Bright and vivid colors are what I strive for in my posts. Choose your favorite editing app to fine-tune your images.

Use Hashtags In Your Captions

Using hashtags is a resource for pooling your images with million of other like-images in Instagram's digital library. Doing this puts your post in front of other people who otherwise may have never even seen your post. REMEMBER: Using hashtags is only valuable when you add them to the caption before officially posting. Adding hashtags as an edit to your post somehow doesn't give it as much juice.

Add a Location To Your Posts

If you're not opposed to this slight invasion of privacy, then I suggest tagging your location on your posts. This toggles your post into a digital category just like hash-tagging does and allows anyone viewing that location on Instagram's map to see your "geo-tagged" post. This too allows for new people to view and connect with your account.

Get Your Followers To Engage With You In The Comments

Writing captions have never really been my strong suit but I found out that you don't need an icon rap lyric in your caption for it to be a winner! Actually, getting your followers to respond to your caption is all you need in order to get your pages algorithms jumping. So here's the tea... Getting your followers to "drop an emoji", "caption this photo" or respond in any way gets your page spun out to more of the followers that IG hold it back from. The more activity of your page, the better, because this activity triggers this "hot" post to land on the Explore page. Landing on the Explore page is the ultimate way to gain authentic eyes on your posts and accumulate even more likes, views and new followers.

TRY To Post Daily

This is where using that 'Preview' app again can come in handy. I found that obligating to post everyday was a bit hard. Especially since I don't check my social media accounts everyday. With the app I am able to pre-plan the posts I'd like to publish and schedule them for the days and times I'd like for them to post. Another app to check out is Hootsuite.

As your account and following grows, you will find more unique ways to express yourself through your Instagram. Keep those creative juices flowing, subscribe to this blog and check back later for more How-Yo's and DIY's.

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