The Best Drinks For Your Skin

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

How is a blog post on drinks that help your skin relevant to modeling? Well, how great your images come out can strongly depend on how much or how little effort is needed in post editing of your skin. You skin is one the most important factors in a great quality image, especially close-ups. Though marvelous work can be done to the skin in Photoshop, the less editing needed, the better. Hydrating your skin goes well beyond just drinking water! There are many fluids you can take that'll brighten, tighten, tone and hydrate your skin. With an open-mind and some creativity, you can combine your favorites for a custom drink that'll benefit you.


- tomato juice

- green tea

- pomegranate juice

- cucumber juice

- jasmine tea

- peppermint tea

- hibiscus tea

- chamomile tea

- oat milk

- soy milk

- rice water

- red wine (only one glass a day)

- lemon water

- green juices

- carrot juice

- almond milk

Fruit Infused Water Recipes To Try:

A good rule of thumb is to wait 4-6 hours before tasting any infused water.  Making sure enough of the nutrients and flavors are infused to give the desired flavor. Chop, cube, or slice all fresh ingredients. Let them sit in a bottle of cool water for a few hours. the longer it waits, the more flavor infuses. afterwards, you can eat the fruit or infuse it again! Although we suggest waiting overnight (12+ Hours), some recipes don’t always need this much time.

- lemon - raspberry - watermelon + cucumber - lime + strawberry - strawberry + basil - strawberry + kiwi - strawberry + orange + mint - raspberry + orange + mint - blackberry + mint - blackberry + sage - raspberry + lime - watermelon + rosemary - strawberry + lemon - blackberry + cherry + lime - pomegranate + lemon - blueberry + strawberry - lemon + lime + mint - peach + honeydew + cantaloupe - orange + cucumber + raspberry - peach + strawberry + raspberry + blackberry

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