Stop Using Stock Photos For Your Business

If it’s true that we eat with our eyes first, then you can understand how important it is for restaurants to have great images to represent their brand. The same goes for social media influencers, clothing boutiques, make-up artists and really any type of business where aesthetics and first impressions matter.

There’s proof that good photography can boost business. In a project for Opulence Clothing, stock images were replaced with original images taken by Opulux Designs. Opulence also enlisted social media influencers to take high-quality photos of the small businesses merchandise, which they then posted online with hashtags and mentions. The effort resulted in an increase in sales, followers and a boost in the businesses ranking on Google. Google changed its algorithm to favor higher-grade original images, according to AdAge.

By the way, did you know that the use of stock images lowers your Google ranking? If your images were back searched, it would link to every other business that's also using the images. But the use of original images will make your business a unique entity online. The original. As a small business owner, what can you do to ensure that images of your business attract and impress potential customers? Here are some tips for getting gorgeous, professional-looking images (with or without a professional):

Only Shoot In Natural Light

Natural light is the best light. Today's smartphones have impressive cameras, meaning that you can shoot high-quality images without investing in expensive professional equipment. Still, you want to restrict yourself to shooting in raw sunlight as well.

The Background Of Your Photos Matters

The best photos are the ones that can make a potential customer stop scrolling! It's one thing to capture the product in focus but customers also tend to scan the background of things that aren't so in focus. Keep this in mind with selfies, food photography and merchandise. The more unique and theme-fitting, the better the potential photo.

Feature Great Shots By Customers

Photos taken from a customer's perspective can be your most valuable asset. Check your hashtags and any other social mentions and repost some of your favorite customer photos on your social media accounts, and consider rewarding featured users with a discount or free gift. You might not only widen your audience but also influence other customers to shoot and post high-quality photos of your business.

Team Up With Opulux Designs

Lack the patience or creativity to produce the images needed to give your image a boost? Opulux Designs offers custom business options for those looking to give their brand a visual makeover.

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