How To Prepare For Your Opulux Beach Shoot

OK, so you scheduled your beach photo shoot... That’s exciting! But what in the world should you bring? Though it may seem simple enough to just show up cute in your swimsuit, there’s a list of important items that should be added to your photoshoot bag. Adjust this list to your personal liking as needed.

  • Paper Towels- If its a warm day out, you will melt! There’s a high probability of you sweating during your shoot. Using the paper towels to blot away perspiration will help preserve your makeup.

  • Beach Towel- Shooting on the beach can be messy. Laying down in the sand will only have you dusting yourself off every time you decide to change your pose. Using the towel will allow for a faster clean time. The beach towel can also be used as a prop if needed.Lotion- Laying down in the sand for poses will look pretty but when you get up and dust off, you’ll be left dry and ashy. Reapplying the lotion to these areas will make for better post photo editing, as you’ll look moisturized and soft.

  • Oil Sheen- Though baby oil is widely used, it can be quite messy and can leave visible streaks on your skin that can be seen in the final images. Using oil sheen in place of baby oil allows for an even, mess free application that looks great in the final images.

  • A Friend- Beach shoots are easiest when you have a friend on-site to assist you. You will optimize your shooting time when you have someone who’s quick to help dust you off, sheen you up and fix your hair. As the photographer, its distracting to have to stop and do these things myself. Having someone there who cares as mush about your shoot as you do is a valuable asset.

  • Safety Pins- More times than I would have liked, I had a client show up with a brand new outfit that glitched (broke or ripped) or was too big. A few safety pins on hand would have solved each of these issues. Needless to say... better safe than sorry.

  • Makeup Bag- When working in the sun, its inevitable that you’ll begin to sweat. Aside from blotting away the sweat, your makeup will begin to fade as you attend to the perspiration. Even if you had your makeup professionally done, ALWAYS bring your own makeup for touch ups as needed.

  • Hand Fan- Again, when working in the outdoors, sweat is always a threat. In addition to the paper towels, having a hand fan will seriously help in the heat. It’ll help close your pores and allow you to cool down faster.

  • Extra Swimsuits- In the time that I allow for the shoots, there has been times where the model has run out of outfits before we run out of time together. ALWAYS bring more outfits than needed for your shoot. Just in case there is more time allowed, you’ll be able to squeeze in more looks and get more for your $$

  • Tailgating Chair- These chairs come in handy during these shoots. The mini breaks in-between can be annoying if the only thing you have to sit on is the sand. Then you'll have to dust off and reapply lotion and sheen! UGH, save yourself some time and unnecessary extra work and bring a travel chair.

  • Bottled Water- DRINK WATER! Not soda! When working outdoors where you’re likely to be sweating, its better to have water than soda. Staying hydrated during this outdoor shoot is important and will allow you work more efficiently.

The bottom line is OVER PACK! When it comes to photoshoots, you cant have too many items.

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