Quit Using ItsMyURLs & LinkTree!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

I used to change the url in my bio every time I had a new link for my viewers to visit. Then I came across ItsMyUrls and LinkTree. They're both sites that allows you to put a ton of links all in one place, making what seemed like a perfect solution to the one-link Instagram struggle. Everyone was (and is) still using them religiously. I faithfully used ItsMyUrls for months and even became a verified member… until one day I realized that this wasn’t actually helping my site grow.

So, I decided to quit using ItsMyURLs and create my own branded links page.

I once thought it was great to have just one link on my page that led to all my other links. But what I didn't like was how very little customizing I was able to do without paying some upgrade fee and how generic the URL was looking on my page ( I wanted my brand completely throughout my profiles so I decided to make my own version of Linktree/ItsMyUrls. I decided to make a brand new page on my site just for the links I’d be promoting on Instagram ( And guess what? I have seen my blog’s traffic from Instagram increase just about 50% after implementing this change! And it keeps on going up!

While Linktree and ItsMyURLs is a pretty quick and easy “solution” to get all of your links out, you’re actually losing potential page views by using them. By making your own links page directly on your blog, you’ll be getting ALL of the page views that Instagram is actually bringing to your site. Even if one of your links on your page is going somewhere else, at least you’re getting the proper traffic beforehand.

Keep all referral traffic going directly to your website


1. Make A New Page On Your BlogYour first step is to create brand new page on your webpage and title it “Instagram Links” or something of the like. Mine is called “Follow me To”. Be sure to make it private (not visible on your sites menu).

2. Make Your Own “Buttons” There are many plugins that will allow you to have your own customizable buttons for your link menu options. If your not happy with the options available, you can always make your own. Making your own link buttons takes a couple extra minutes but it’s way better because

1. you’re getting more traffic by making your own

2. making your own buttons allows you to stay consistent with your branding.

  • You can use a free Photoshop-like web app called Pixlr to make custom button images. Or if you have an Adobe subscription, you can use Spark. It’s quick and easy! You can input your own custom dimensions and logos using drag and drop image designs. I recommend doing the full width of your page. I decided to use 800 x 100 for mine.

  • In Spark, you can choose your brand’s colors and if you’re on an Adobe subscription, you can upload your own fonts and logos. 

  • I chose to use screenshots of the pages linked to the tab for my button images to help give my Insta Links page more pep! I kept the background a solid color so they’re not too busy.

3. Customize Your Buttons On Your Instagram Links Page After you’ve finished designing your button images, it’s time to upload them and link them!

  • Upload your images first in the order you want them

  • Then link them up

  • When linking them, be sure to customize the “open link in new tab” option so that it opens that specific link up in another window. This makes it easier for your audience to refer back to the main Insta Links page afterward.

you’re happy with the page, hit PUBLISH!

You can keep the page hidden from your menu. This isn’t a page you necessarily need to have accessible from your site since the purpose is for Instagram.

4. Input Your New Page Link In Your Instagram Bio // After you’ve hit publish on your page, drop the link in your Instagram bio. Be sure to promote it in your Instagram photo captions and in Instagram Stories. 

Below is a quick clip that shows you how it’ll look when someone clicks on the link in your Instagram bio. It works perfectly! 


If you’ve been using Linktree or ItsMyURLs like I was, then you’re losing some referral traffic to your website! Make the switch to your very own Instagram Links page! It may take a bit of effort to make but it’s way worth the extra traffic you’ll be bringing to your own website!

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